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Single or double storey homes? Which option is best for you?

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When you buy one of the wonderful house and lack packages designed thoughtfully at Vantage Luxe Homes, you have so many options which allow you to create the home of your dreams. One of the biggest decisions you will be faced with is whether to opt for a one storey or two storey home. Although it may seem like a simple decision now, if you are thinking into the future, you need to ensure that you have planned for you and your family’s needs in years to come. Check out this hand guide to the pros and cons of one and two storey homes!

Double storey homes

There are many advantages to building a double storey, with perhaps the most prominent benefit being the amount of space these homes entail. Two storey homes can provide space for enough bedrooms, living areas, outdoor rooms, studies and storage for a family. By going up, you are maximising your new home’s footprint, rather than chewing off space from the outskirts of your land, which can be used to create beautiful front gardens or back yards.

Furthermore, it is easier to create privacy in a double-storey home rather than a single as you can have all your bedrooms located on one level and the living areas can be located on the other, or alternatively have the bedrooms be more spread out across the home.

Some people may worry about the cost of a two-storey home in comparison to a one storey home. While the cost of building a double-storey home is more significant than a single, you have the advantage of being able to purchase a smaller and cheaper block to counteract your building costs.

While these are great positives, it is still important to weigh them against any possible negatives. With all the space which a double storey home provides, comes more areas to clean, both internally and externally. Homeowners should factor in the time and energy they will need to spend cleaning, particularly of hard-to-reach areas such as top-storey gutters and windows. Furthermore, there’s is extra room to heat and cool, which means higher power bills. And having two storeys makes it harder to regulate the temperature of the home.

Double storey owners may be required to invest in a larger heating and cooling system, and it can become more expensive to make a double-storey home energy-efficient as you tend to lose natural airflow and lighting.

Single-storey homes

Owning a single-storey home comes with many advantages, but first and foremost, homeowners will benefit from cost savings and practicality. Building up can be expensive, so there’s more money to be pocketed by homeowners who stick with a single storey.

Homeowners will be able to save some time and money when it comes to building a single storey over a double as the cost of the home is cheaper and takes less time to build. Furthermore, unlike with double-storey homes, it will be much easier to control the climate, which may lead to significant cost-savings.

For young children and elderly family members, stairs can be dangerous may even eventually become a burden for older residents, which is a crucial consideration for prospective buyers. However, it should be noted that single-storey homes don’t have nearly as much space as double-storeys have to offer, which is most likely to impact growing families. Although conversely, this may also work to encourage families to spend more time together, rather than in separate upstairs and downstairs zones.

One another possible negative feature of single storey home is that they may mean sacrificing some of your garden space, depending on your land size. This could also mean that you need to spend less time maintaining your home and garden, which is a definite plus for busy families.

As you can see, there are many positive and negative features to both one and two storey homes, which all should be carefully considered before you make your final decision. Either way, we know that Vantage Luxe Homes has the perfect design for you which will tend to all of your unique needs. Contact us today to find your dream home design!

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